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4. Hydro Art Challenge 2024

About Non-Revenue Water Conference 2024:

The Non-Revenue Water Conference 2024, hosted by the Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation, brings together stakeholders from across the globe to address the challenges and opportunities in managing non-revenue water and advancing water security. With a focus on accountability, communal responsibility, and sustainability, the conference aims to catalyze collective action towards equitable access to clean water for all. This call for artwork and creatives seeks to harness the transformative power of art and creativity in addressing the complex challenges of water security and sustainability. Through the exhibition at the Non-Revenue Water Conference 2024, artists have the opportunity to inspire dialogue, foster collaboration, and drive tangible action towards a more water-secure and equitable future.

Hydro Art Challenge 2024

In the pursuit of sustaining water security through accountability, the Non-Revenue Water, Innovation & Sustainability Conference 2024 stands as a beacon of hope and progress. As Kenya Water Institute, we recognize the pivotal role of art and creativity in amplifying our message and catalyzing change. We are delighted to extend a call for artwork and creatives that delve into the realms of sustainable water resource management, hydro-preneurship, homemade solutions, communal responsibility for the endemic challenge of non-revenue water in Kenya and the region. This exhibition, hosted during the upcoming conference at the esteemed Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) in Nairobi, South C, promises to be a platform for inspiration, education, and advocacy.

For themes, eligibility criteria, submission guidelines and submission deadlines please download the full Hydro Art Challenge 2024 abstract using the link below.

Hydro Art Challenge 2024 Full Note