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  Why KEWI

KEWI, as established by the KEWI Act 2001 is mandated to offer training, administer examinations, offer research and consultancy services in the wider water sector. It’s a one stop shop for a wide range of services that deliver quality output and value for time and money. With our vision being “To be a World Class Centre of Excellence in Training, Research and Consultancy in the Water and related Sectors”, KEWI has earned the recognition of being a leading institution in producing high caliber human capital for the water sector in the region.

A range of advantages make KEWI the best place to seek Training, Research and Consultancy and Conferencing services. They include but not limited to;



KEWIs unique mandate of offering a range of specific services make it a haven of expertise and authority in the wider water sector. From, Consultancy Services, Drilling Services, Hydrological Surveys, Water Quality Testing and Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment Services among others, KEWI stands out as the most appropriate venue for services in the water sector. With a rich pool of experts who deliver quality and tested services and trainings, KEWI is a home for any water service practitioner, provider and expert who would wish to stand out in the wider water and sanitation industry.




Our highly sort trainers, modern facilities , laboratories and workshops puts KEWI ahead of her peers when it comes to a choice of where to train as a water expert. The Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) Curriculum KEWI offers is tailored and designed to meet the needs of our trainees and equip them with the competencies required to practice as water experts in both public and private sectors.



Affordable tuition fees for our long and short term trainings and charges for other services like Accommodation, Water Research, Consultancy and Technical Services, Repair Services, Water Quality Laboratory Services etc that KEWI charge make it the best and friendly option in the market as compared with other entities purporting to offer similar services.



KEWI Main and Satellite Campuses are desirably located in areas and regions that are easily accessible. This is always done with many factors like, age of our customers, proximity to other related services, easy accessibility, client catchment regions etc in mind. They are easily recognizable and thus customer friendly when it comes to time management.



KEWI has a rich blend of diverse cultures as its clients. With students and trainees in our long term programs and short courses drawn both locally and internationally, KEWI has a cultural background that fosters national unity, integration and tolerance and thus retaining its title as the best place to be for all interested parties and partners.



KEWI has maintained her dominance as a sports powerhouse. With its termly sporting activities both within its campuses and with its peers, the Institute has gone a long way in nurturing sports talents that have seen its students make remarkable steps in the sports fraternity. The exposure arising as a result of engaging in sports has led to discovering and nurturing of talents with some students getting scholarships to study abroad as a result of the sports activities KEWI offer.




KEWI strong alumni network informs the beauty of purpose that the institute nurtures. The alumni, who have gone out to stamp authority as qualified water experts in the job market have continued to raise the institutes flag even much higher and thus projecting KEWI as the best place to seek water related trainings and consultancy services.



KEWI has gone out of its way to forge tight and effective collaborations with both public and private sectors and other interested parties for the development of the water and sanitation sector. This has ensured that the trainees are constantly updated on emerging technologies and trends that are being rolled out by the Water Service Industry Leaders.
These close and strong capacity building links have ensured that KEWI does not only produce high caliber human capital resource in the water industry but competent one too that is able to rise up and meet the evolving water sector trends and challenges head-on and deliver quality services.